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There are many possibilities, but the question is which marketing activity will bring the desired results to your company? It is on us to find out


Nothing is accidental or random. We plan based on research and data.


We are talking to your target group with a clear goal, using communication channels and language they use.


We don’t want to guess, we want to make decisions based on analytics and data.


We are not doing everything. We are doing 20% of activities which are bringing 80% of results


Building a digital way to your services without holes and wrong turns is not easy. It requires a lot of preparation, research, knowledge, tracking results, and optimization.

Strategy and Structure

People think that good digital marketing means a kilogram of Facebook and Instagram and two and a half kilograms of creativity. That is not the recipe we follow.

Action and optimization

Independently or together with your team, we create and implement those marketing activities that will bring the desired results to your business. We do not do everything, because we want to do 20% of activities that will give 80% of results. And we don’t do everything at once, because it’s a sure path to chaos, and we love order.


Knowledge is the main ingredient and foundation for good results. And a bit of luck. And luck is more certain with knowledge and preparation. We organize personalized trainings and workshops for teams. This means that all examples, exercises, and activities are tailored to your company and industry. We deal with your specific problems and map opportunities and solutions. Then, we give you feedback and monitor the implementation.


We need reliable tools to build a digital way to your services.
Some of them are:

Target Audience

Target group research

The first and most important step is to define who you are talking with. That is why we research your current and potential clients through a questionnaire or live meetings. Good marketing is based on good and detailed knowledge of the target group.


Email marketing and automation

We reach new clients with promo emails. We use the newsletter to take care of existing ones and build trust. We educate and meet clients with welcome sequences. We send automated personalized emails based on the interest of the target group.


Copywriting - Writing that sells

A nice word can open an iron door, but in the 21st century, it can open wallets as well. We do not write with the intention to "sound nice". We write with the intention to introduce your product or service with your customer. So they can understand each other, agree, hang out.


The Social Media

People are there and you should probably be there too. With a clear content strategy, we know when, where, what, and why we publish, as well as how those posts contribute to business goals.



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