Who are we?

A team with many years of experience in the field of communication, marketing & PR, and behavioral psychology. With our skills and knowledge, we help your clients find you quickly and easily and clearly communicate the desired messages to your target group.

Our values ​​are:



We like to have fun while we work. If the project is not fun, then it is not for us. In addition to fun, love, and passion guide and drive us in business.


We don't like to complicate, we like to simplify. That is why our strategy and structure are the tools we start with and are guided by throughout the entire cooperation.

The purpose

Each activity should clearly contribute to the objectives. All we do is be one step closer to where we want to go.

Every activity should to contribute to the goals. Everything we do serves the purpose of getting one step closer to the place where we want to be.


Ana Brzaković - Founder and Director

You will recognize her by the words: structure, simplicity and optimization. Her two favorite questions are: How can it be done more simply? Who can do that? A sentence she often says: we can do it all, but not all at once.

Dragana Tomić

“I believe that words have power and that a good idea speaks for itself, while a not-so-good one requires an explanation. That is why I don’t do convincing. In my universe, creativity is the king and strategy is the queen. I don’t tell stories, I seek the way to the heart.”

Ana Milojević

She believes that nothing is impossible with good time management and efficient planing. Her extensive experience in various areas provided her with numerous skills which she successfully uses in marketing. She likes finding creative and innovative solutions to different problems.

Nevena Ristić

As a passionate creative, she enjoys challenges and problem solving. She likes asking questions and research because there is no topic she doesn’t want to learn more about, and through life and work she is guided by a simple truth: together we can do more.