Enlight IT

For Enlight IT, we organized a Value Proposition workshop and classified main services and benefits. We created a marketing strategy based on this. Next, based on the information and agreements from the workshop and customer data, we modified the content and the structure of the website. We wrote case studies about their most significant projects. […]


For Giftwalker, we organized target group research and set up the welcome email sequence which has the aim of motivating users to become active users.

Vizija Accounting

For Vizija Accounting, we conducted a target group research and an internal SWOT workshop. Based on the results of the research, we adapted the content on the website to the target group and set up the marketing strategy. We organized several paid online marketing campaigns and numerous trainings for the marketing team. We have improved […]

Faculty of Philosophy in Niš

For the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, we organized a series of workshops and consultations about improving online communication. The goal was to devise how to communicate better with different target groups and how to make social media posts more interesting and popular. Moreover, one of the goals was to make the website more modern, […]

American Councils for International Education

We’ve organized an online training for participants of Justice Accelerator Program. The goal was to teach participants how to promote and raise awareness about their project via social media, gain new followers and learn about best case practices.