Strategy and structure

We create strategy and structure with the help of these tools

Data Analytic

SWOT Analysis

During a one-day multidisciplinary internal workshop, we analyze your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Value Proposition workshop

Together we find the unique value that your services provide to customers and the market in which you operate.

Target Audience

Target group research

Through conversation, surveys, and observation of your target group (current and potential clients) we learn how best to communicate with them, what exact problem we can solve for them, and on which communication channels to find them.

Based on research and collected information, we create:

Action and optimization

After setting a strategy and a clear plan, we move into action and optimization:


Email Marketing

One of the most powerful tools for personal communication with the target group. We create a plan and write newsletters, welcome e-mail sequence, promo campaigns, campaigns to educate the target group, to remind and motivate a particular action, etc.


Content writing

We write content that sells, helps, calls for action, or educates. Blog posts, articles, interviews, sales pages, content for the site or social networks.


Social media marketing

We make a plan of publications - organic or paid. We design campaigns, we create value for the target group.

Video Laptop

Paid campaigns for Google and Social Media

We set up and track campaign payments on Google. We optimize and report on the results.

Digital Marketing

PR - cooperation with the media

Through cooperation with relevant media, we promote your organization and services, build trust and create a desired image of your brand.



Personalized lectures & workshops

Workshops about content and copywriting, public speaking, email marketing, communications


Individual mentoring and coaching

Mentoring in the area of marketing and communications, business coaching